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Our Hedgehog Family

Hedgehogs are a constant at Woodlands, we care for anything up to 150 hogs at any one time and in 2015 we released over 200 hedgehogs back into the wild.

Recently a hedgehog family came to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary after their nest was disturbed by a dog in a garden. Hedgehogs are not very good mothers and will abandon their hoglets if they feel threatened, so the decision was made to bring the entire family to the Sanctuary to give them the best chance at survival. Since arriving the mother has thankfully continued to suckle her babies, and once they are mature they will be able to be released back into the wild.

Sponsor our Hedgehog Family

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We have many animals and residents at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary. If you feel sponsorship is not for you, then you may consider donating to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary. Every penny helps towards the care and rehabilitation of neglected and unwanted animals.

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