Rehoming Animals Since 2005

Rehoming a cat can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to twenty years of your life.

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we understand that all our animals’ health and well-being is paramount. We work with Rufford Veterinary Group to ensure that all our cats and kittens receive the highest standards of care and medical treatment possible before being rehomed. This includes:

  • Veterinary Checks
  • Worming Treatment
  • Microchipping
    All of our cats and kittens leave Woodlands registered to the Sanctuary to ensure they can be re-united with their family.
  • Tests for Feline Aids and Leukemia where necessary
  • Spayed/Neutered
    All cats over 6 months old are spayed/neutered
  • Vaccinations
    All of our cats receive at least their first vaccination before leaving Woodlands. Any cat who has not yet received it, will also leave us with a voucher for Rufford Veterinary Group for their second vaccination. It is of upmost importance that your cat has the same type and brand of vaccine for its second vaccination as the first vaccine. Hence we ask you to return to Rufford Veterinary group to get the second vaccination regardless of which veterinary practice you would normally use.

This care costs over £175 per cat to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary but rehoming a cat from Woodlands means we only ask for a donation of £85.

Our Rehoming Process

All of our applications go through the same three-stage process. This helps us to ensure not only the cats safety, but that you and your new cat are the perfect match. Please also pay special attention to our rehoming rules outlined at the bottom of this webpage.

Rehoming Rules

We will not rehome an adult cat into a home where there are existing adult cats.

We ensure that no cat or kitten is released to its new home until 48 hours after its vaccination.

If there are other pets in the household i.e. dogs, we will normally recommend a kitten unless we have an adult cat who is used to living with dogs.

All existing cats in any household must be neutered.

All cats and kittens that leave Woodlands Animal Sanctuary must leave with the food and litter that they are currently using here, this can be purchased from our onsite shop.

The Cats

Dice and Domino
Dice and Domino
This is Dice and Domino, they are approx. 8 years old! Dice and Domino came in on 29th September and they were both originally from Woodlands.

Unfortunately they had to come back due to their owners not being able to provide the care they needed, and are hoping to find their new forever home!
Charlie and Elvis
Charlie and Elvis
This is Charlie and Elvis who are both are approximately 9 years old. Their owner was sadly put in a home and they were kept in a Cattery for 18 months before they were brought here on the 29th August.

They are only just being able to find their forever home due to them both being diagnosed with heart murmurs and Charlie recovering from reoccurring cystitis.

They are looking for a long term fosterer who will keep a close relationship with us so they can receive all their relevant medications regarding their ongoing conditions.
This is Tilly, who is appox. 8 months old. Tilly was originally born and rehomed from here, but unfortunately returned to us as she found her old home to be a bit too overwhelming.

She is a really sweet kitten but is very timid, so would need a patient and understanding home.
She enjoys cuddles, but is more comfortable when she is hidden (eg in her cat tunnel, as seen here) and therefore we think it is best that she comes with the tunnel!
This is Pearl. Pear is approx. 2 years old and was brought in to us on the 25th August after her owner sadly passed away.

Pearl was pregnant when she arrived at Woodlands and had a litter of kittens here who have all been rehomed.

She is now neutered and ready to find her forever home! Pearl is a playful young cat who is super affectionate!

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