Dash and Violet

Dash and Violet

Dash and Violet came to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary with their mother June and their 2 siblings when they were just a week old. They had been born underneath some decking and sadly abandoned by their previous owner, luckily their neighbour intervened and saved them from a terrible fate. Their siblings have now gone to their forever homes so Dash and Violet are looking for a home together. Dash is very confident and helps Violet to feel more secure in her surroundings. Dash and Violet will need a patient and understanding owner to help Violet overcome her nervousness.

  • Age: Approx. 18 weeks
  • Sex: Male and Female
  • Breed: DSH
  • Ideal for a family: Yes
  • Ideal for a family with dogs: Yes
  • Ideal for a family with Cats: Yes
  • Ideal for a family with Children: Yes
  • Can live with mature family: Yes
  • Reserved: Yes

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