Rescue cat

Meet Jiggly

We would like to introduce to you all; Jiggly. Jiggly is one of those characters who has captured the hearts of the whole team here at Woodlands, staff & volunteers alike.

He has been given lots of nicknames ‘Jiggles’, ‘Jiggle-puff’ or ‘cheeky boy’ because of his loveable nature. Jiggly has been at woodlands since 28th January 2017 when his owner felt that they could no longer look after him due to his mother becoming pregnant again. So Woodlands Animal Sanctuary gained a 10 months old, playful handsome kitten.  He is now just over a year old and has endless amounts of energy, just wanting to play all the time!

Although everyone loves Jiggly living at Woodlands, ideally we would really like to find a loving forever home for him - because Jiggly enjoys playing so much and all our other residents are older and don’t want to play with him! Every other week we get a visit from one of the veterinary surgeons at our brilliant vet practice, Rufford Vets.  Jiggly is one of the animals that gets seen the most, this is due to him having a heart-murmur.  This is probably a hereditary condition passed on to Jiggly through his family. Currently Jiggly is very healthy and doing extremely well, however every day he needs a small tablet to make sure he stays that way for as long as possible.  Our vet’s suggest that Jiggly has around 12 months to live, however, Jiggly is totally unaware of this and we can confidently say that he lives each day to the fullest! One of Jiggly’s favourite games is to pull apart his carers shoe laces - which while it can sometimes prove hazardous to them – Jiggly thinks is the best game ever!  Laura, one of our Animal Care Assistants who has spent a lot of time with Jiggly thinks that “Jiggly is an amazing, fun-loving cat, he loves to play all day but also enjoys a good nap. I will miss him dearly when he finds his forever home as I love to give him a kiss and cuddle whenever he passes by. I really hope he finds a loving new family that can let him live each of his days to the fullest”.

Although we give Jiggly the best life we can here at Woodlands, we would ideally like him to be able to live the rest of his short life in his very own loving and caring home, a place he could call his own, with a loving family to give him all the attention he loves so dearly.  So if you are searching for a new loving friend, someone you can cuddle and play lots of fun games with, we would like to suggest Mr Jiggly to come and join your family.  Due to his heart condition he will need someone who can give him his small tablet each day, but aside from this Jiggly simply needs the same loving care as any other cat. He would be an amazing addition to any family, and although we don’t know how long he has left, at the moment he is doing great! Jiggly certainly does like to live each day to the fullest and what we would all love more than anything, is for Jiggly to be able to share this with a life-long friend who can provide him with the same amount of enthusiasm and love for life as well as any specialized care he may need in the future.

Due to Jiggly’s health condition, we are looking for Jiggly to go out on a foster basis.  This means that he will live with you for the rest of his life, as long as that may be, but all medication costs will be paid for by Woodlands.  Prior to you taking him we will show you the best and easiest way to give him his tablet as well as answering any questions you may have.  We will also be on hand 7 days per week, should you need any support anywhere along the line.

If you think you may be able to offer Jiggly his very own, well deserved home and family please contact us at the sanctuary by calling 01704 823293, emailing:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Facebook page.